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Strauss Kidney & Blood Pressure Drops Spearmint Flavour - 225 mL

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Juniper, goldenrod, uva-ursi, parsley, gravel, horsetail and nettle are traditionally used as diuretics to help relieve symptoms of temporary water retention, such as edema.

Brand: Strauss Naturals
Format: Liquid Extract
Amount: 225 mL

Medicinal Ingredients (per mL): Althea officinalis (marshmallow root) 44.6 mg, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (uva ursi leaf) 59.1 mg, Capsicum annum (cayenne fruit) 2.6 mg, Equisetum arvense (horsetail herb top) 22.3 mg, Eupatorium purpureum (gravel root) 22.8 mg, Hydrastis canadensis (goldenseal root) 17.1 mg, Juniperus communis (juniper fruit) 189.0 mg, Lobelia inflata (lobelia leaf) 3.9 mg, Solidago virguarea (golden rod herb top) 59.1 mg, Urtica dioica (nettle leaf) 19.2 mg, Zengiber officinale (ginger root) 34.1 mg
Non-Medicinal Ingredients: water, ethanol, glycerine, spearmint flavouring, Juniperis communis fruit oil

NPN: 80056588