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About Erbamin

A passion for healthy living can be the basis to everything. In today’s fast-paced and information-rich world, taking the time to slow down and make informed choices can be daunting.

Erbamin’s core values are centred around delivering high quality Natural Health Products to you!

Time is taken to examine the facts behind our products, offering you only the best and most effective.

But… there’s more to it than that…

The people behind Erbamin confidently use our products in their commitment to excellent health. You get solutions based on real personal experience, featuring years of trial and error.

Erbamin’s founder, Mustefa, personifies these traits, forming the foundation of a commitment to deliver you the best in healthy living. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, his fascination for knowledge and healthy living led him to complete a science degree, specializing in Genomics. In unison with Erbamin’s vision to add experience to knowledge, he has spent years working in both the Natural Health Product and conventional healthcare industries.

Does it get any better than benefitting from knowledge and experience? At Erbamin, emphasis is placed on offering services that empower you to make the best in healthy choices.

To offer you access to a multitude of products – ideally, including the perfect one you are looking for – our catalogues showcase a diverse selection of items. Simply put, if you are looking for it, we want to help you find it.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Every effort will be made to obtain your item, and promptly deliver it to into your hands.

Not sure which product is right for you? In striving to help you make the best possible choice, features an illness index with our recommended products for specific ailments. Use this as a guide in searching for your ideal solution.

What does Erbamin sell?

Items offered in Erbamin’s catalogues are namely products which assist individuals looking to proactively take charge of their health. These include:

Vitamins and Minerals – the building blocks of life, they are necessary for many of the body’s routine functions.

Herbal Remedies – isolated and purified compounds from herbs, which are biologically active and assist the body in maintaining optimal health.

Probiotics – live, beneficial microorganisms which reside in the body, offering several necessary benefits.

Sports Supplements – nutrients including amino acids (or proteins), greens formulas, or meal replacements which compliment an active lifestyle.

Homeopathic Products – items which, while being gentle on the body, contribute to natural processes which lead to good health.

Aromatherapy – concentrated essential oils which feature a range of uses and benefits

Essential Fatty Acids (Good Fats), Digestive Enzymes, as well as other factors in maintaining excellent well-being.

And more!

Questions? Feel free to reach us through email at:

Erbamin is proud to bring you the best in knowledge and experience. We’re here to help you on your path to optimal health!

Erbamin is proudly affiliated with Nature's Care Health Products in Ottawa, Canada.