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A Vogel Bladder Formula Cystoforce - 50 mL

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Featuring Bearberry and supported by the addition of Echinacea, help relieve urinary tract irritations and ailments through astringent and diuretic properties in this preparation.

Brand: A Vogel
Format: Liquid Tincture
Amount: 50 mL

Medicinal Ingredients - Each mL (20 Drops) Contains:
Fresh wild Bearberry herb (Arctostaphylos uva ursi) (ratio 1:2)
     equivalent to 359 mg fresh herb ..... 0.74 mL
Fresh organically grown Echinacea herb* (Echinacea purpurea) (ratio 1:2.6)
     equivalent to 100.4 mg fresh herb ..... 0.26 mL
Non-Medicinal Ingredient: 1 mL of tincture contains 0.54 mL alcohol (ethanol)
*Certified by Bio Suisse

NPN: 80009777